About Thicckk Fit LLC: 

Thicckk Fit LLC. is for the individual who is determined to take their journey to the next level. Thicckk Fit LLC. offers products guaranteed to maximize your health and fitness experience! Size ranges from XS to 10XL.

She may be Thicckk, But she’s fit!

She is unstoppable, undefeated, unbroken, unbothered, uncategorizable, unquestionable, and unforgettable! She is Thicckk Fit!
How to measure :
Please use the link above as a reference on how to properly measure yourself.

How often should I wear my waist trainer or shapewear?

    Minimum 6 to 8 hours a day. This truly depends on your goals and your individual commitment. You may choose to start with 2 hours daily and then work your way up. You may also choose to only wear during workouts or training. 
    When should you make the change and go down a size?
      You should move down a size when the waist trainer/sweat belt is no longer snug and contouring to your shape!
      What size should I order?
         Please review size chart. The size chart can be found in two locations. Click on the item OR search size chart on the page. Sizes range from XS to 9XL, depending on the waist trainer ordered. Measure directly across your belly button.
        Exchange & Return Policy
          We are currently not accepting any returns or exchanges due to Covid-19.
            Orders may be cancelled within 24 hours. Cancelations are not guaranteed if any of the following applies: The order has been processed and scheduled for shipment OR If the order was purchased in person.
            What forms of payments do you accept?
              We currently accept all major debit and credit cards. For in person orders, we also accept cash. We do not accept checks.
                All orders have tax included. Taxes and shipping costs are calculated by the USPS based on your zip code; we do not have the authority to change this
                How do I clean the waist trainer?
                  DO NOT MACHINE WASH or MACHINE DRY!
                  Handwash your belt using cold water and detergent
                  Air dry your belt and allow it to dry completely before your next wear/workout.
                  What is the waist trainer made of?
                  The waist trainer is made of latex on the outside and cotton on the inside.
                  As with all latex products, do not be alarmed if the writing lightens/peels off


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